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SIMSEH: Milkania Release Date

Posted by d-z - August 1st, 2016


I have been away working on this for quite some time, It's finally complete and it's due to come out anytime during August first week! Thanks to those who have bear with us and supported us all this time! -DZ

Get the game here!


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Thank you for waiting, I will be on to the next game.


I appreciate your patience. :-)

That´s a great new, I can wait to play it.
Will be here in Newgrounds?
Also thank you so much for all your work.

No thank you for your support, friends.

Awesome! Please don't make us wait too much longer!

No more. :-)

So the game appears to be out on Mysexgames, but I have a question: how do you play the game? It's a combat game where you can't do combat, so I have no idea how to progress.

I have been sick for some time, thank you for posting this.

Wait is you serious could you post the link I don't see it


It's superbuggy though, and you have to break your space bar to fuck the girls.

I am done with the Leader of the Planet, but now I can not leave the place and I can not res pawn at my base, what should I do ?

I have finished the game, you have done a Great job with the game 5 out of 5.

Congratulations, thank you. :-)

How do you get down when you are on the upper level of a stage

I finished the game. Thanks for it, it was awesome and hope to see you more in the future.

Thank you. :-)

Woah i'm loving the music but what am I post to do after I leave the ship the girl keeps killing me &amp; the robot near the stairs won't let me through

I also love the music. I will credit the authors during Newgrounds release.

Full screen link (Direct link to the game): http://mysexgames.com/gamefiles/000839.swf

By the way, you have to copy and paste that direct link. It'll give you a permission error otherwise.

I remember playing SIMSEH a while back and I was really excited when I saw milkania was out, but I gotta ask: What the f*ck happened? Did you upload an old BETA version by mistake? Because otherwise you appear to have gone in a different direction and as far as I can tell that was off a cliff. Let me go through the things that I didn't particularly care for in this game.

1. You posted it on mysexgames, which requires facebook to login so there are no comments telling anyone anything. It also only appears in a tiny submenu, not the general games list, so it doesn't have many browsing players to comment anyway.

2. The only instructions are in the B menu and either insufficient or inconsistent. Or both. For example: Pain depletes Vitality, Pleasure decreases stamina, but Endurance increases health. WTF is health? Is it just vitality, or is it both? Not that it matters because you will be spending everything you get on prowess. And what the hell is resilience from drive? You basically have to find out by guesswork which sucks because the stats costs increase by 30 every time and aren't a big jump in capabilities.

3. When (or should I say if) you manage to grab a girl, something that you seemingly can only do on the ground because they will constantly knock you down a level unless you manage to pop up just between them and effectively glitch their targeting, you have to press the space bar to complete the sex minigame. What in the name of sanity made you think this was fun? Either the numbers are bugged or you failed to mention something (which would be unsprising since even figuring out you had to press space was by trial and error) because unless you've got prowess level 3 it's impossible, and even then it seems to be only barely doable.

4. On the incredibly unlikely chance you actually beat the first phase of the sex minigame, you will likely get to the third part (the second seems easier for some reason) where you're apparently filling up a heart. This is where pleasure depletes and you cum and die. It may be that there is a way not to die but again, utter lack of explanation. I'm sure it's obvious to someone, somewhere, who got lucky and managed to figure it out and will explain later, but for the first timer: IT'S NOT.

5. The instructions are bare bones, and you sure as hell better not forget what that last NPC said (assuming the text wasn't blocked by your HUD which appears in front of it) because there is no way to get them to repeat it. You basically have to wander around the map and click on everything and the kitchen sink until you find what you're supposed to be looking for through sheer luck.

6. There is no indication if you can click on something or not. You might be able to click on the machine, or you might have to be standing two steps to the left. You just have to hope you can find the right position.

7. The protagonist is ugly as f*ck.

In summary: totally disappointing deviation from the last game. High difficulty, poor and/or inconsistent explanations, and unrewarding success. I really wanted to like this game: but I don't. Not even a little bit.

I really like your artwork, I like short guy vs tall milf. The game was a bit hard at first, it became easier later on. Does this game have ending? The total seeding number just continued to go on after I have enhanced all the stats to the max.

It's not just about seeding this time. :-)
Thank you for playing the game for what it is.

Erm, to answer the questions about the sex minigame involving the elves and grabbing and whatnot
Its NOT to mash the Spacebar but instead to HOLD DOWN the spacebar and the mash your WASD keys instead, this will build up your green meter a whole lot easier without ruining your keyboard.

Made a Newgrounds accounts just to write this down. Hope this helps those who may be confused/frustrated with the minigame.

Oh yeah, and the third part of the minigame, wait for the red arrow key to show and press the corrisonding WASD key respectivly

Pay close attention to your pinkish meter around the green heart, if the meter gets low, press E to stop the interaction and prevent you from dying. Wait about 1 min or so for the pink bar to refill and you can get straight to the good part, rinse and repeat until the heart fills up and then press E again to impregnate your elf.

What's the name of the song that comes on board the ship? the japanese synth pop one?

Check the credits in the NG upload of the game, there is a link.

How do you know when you finished the game

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