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This game has great soul for sure!
An overall wonderful feeling is slipping through its, alas, insanely cryptic and rejecting technical design!
We have absolutely no idea what we are doing, how, what to do, and even with people sharing how the game works (which we could never had figured out on our on, truely), it's still mindblowingly confusing!
That's crazy, when you think about it : even with a step by step walkthrough, the game is not a cakewalk, not even easy : it's still immensely hard!

I think the game wasn't tested at all, and was meant to disgust 99% of people to play it, alas.
Which I don't understand, because it's hard work, for starts, and because it has definitely a great inviting soul, behind its system!
Something went horribly wrong, from the great starting idea, and the result...

With a video walkthrough, though, maybe it will be a very nice adventure !

Nice to see you, man. The game has been tested maybe a hundred times and a lot of people think it is quite easy to follow so I am confused why there are some who complain that it is so hard. Maybe because games nowadays have tutorials for the most mundane things which is bad for anybody's intuition eh. I was even bothered when I got messages after it was released initially in MSG, the earliest, buggiest version about people finishing it too fast. I thought I had made it hard enough and yet they are finishing it in a manner of a couple of hours. Well, thanks for playing man, have a good time and play the game again, it could be a grower for you!

The game is kinda difficult and same with previous one. But I still encounter a bug no matter who you rape or fucked while holding space and keys, after climax it just cause the game to deep freeze. It's still need to be fixed

So how do you leave the ship?

Also if you press any wsd buttons or space on whom you fuck after climax, you'll have to refresh the game again

Jesus, your art is very good, but you really need to work on your game design. It's impossible to figure out what you have to do at any point, and the &quot;combat&quot; system is horrible. I don't get why hentai game designers feel the need to add a sex minigame. Just let the animation happen on it's own, nobody actually likes playing a weird rhythm game while watching a goblin bang a lady.

If you want a combat system, just keep the easy minigame when you grab the elf. You don't need that weird cum meter mechanic at all.

I like it but I had no idea how the sex mini game worked until I came here to see the comments. I wouldn't expect there to be a tutorial if it was something super simple and intuitive like just hitting one button, but expecting people to know that it's hold a button and mash these other buttons is not intuitive. It's like some old console game where you're trying to figure out how something works and then find out it's some weird button combo that you would have never thought of yourself.

You say it was tested a lot. Did you explain the mechanics to the testers or did they just play the game as it is here? Because I have no idea how any of them could think it was so easy to figure out with the game not giving you any indicator whatsoever of how it works other than two meters popping up. It's not just some mundane thing. It's the main mechanics of the game and should be explained.

Also I've run into plenty of bugs like getting hit multiple times from one swing and the camera bugging out when you get a successful grab when getting hit and it ends up locking up the game.

Hi, to start with, thanks for Hornbrook. It is probably the best game of a genre I have played ever. There are few other great games (yes, FEW) and I tend to get bored of them quicker than of Hornbrook. Unfortunately, I am totally disappointed by the direction you have chosen in the second game. It misses several things that made it stand out of the crowd - of both general sex games and also of sex rpg games. Let me pinpoint them:
* Game is not sinful. In Hornbrook there were wives, teens, students, policewomen. In Milkania you have some random elf fighters. They are totally mild, nothing exciting. I can say that I was only excited by that elf hooker sucking wizard. Only one. Why is it not sinful? It's some alien planet, I have no idea of morality, ethics, rules, law there. Nothing to break actually.
* No or little personality of NPCs. Random elves that would at most crash the skull with spear or whatever. One hooker that didn't have possibility to talk. One elf queen that doesn't look like elf queen.
* Aliens. That's risky and it didn't go well here. Why? It's a world completely detached from ours. And in ours we want to bang that teacher / coworker / neighbor / pizza boy / girl etc. And we can identify with that. Don't get me wrong, aliens would work well, but crucial thing is an introduction to the world to make the player accomodated and start looking for similarities, so that droid girl may be compared to some real world girl. But for safety, I would recommend going back to earth in third game if you plan one.
* Main character. I think I'd like to identify myself with male character in such game. It worked marvels in Hornbrook. In Milkania I was disgusted about my virtual 'myself' from the very beginning to the point where I had elves at base - I got too bored at that point. Anyways, please just bring back Henshi from first game.
* Where's the point where Henshi is actually discouraged and pushed away? A bit of hmmm... revenge was also kinky in first game. Here if you will manage to avoid the spear, you win.

Basically, I believe that if you would make sequel based on totally same rules, just in a new place (big city, countryside) or different time(middle ages town, ancient greek / roman metropoly) with new girls, everybody would be excited. Abandon the planet Milkania and other alien places, go back to Earth. Please.

An interesting response to the game. Yes, the cultures of all the alien planets will be more obvious next time. I really wish people would read what's happening in the game. It's still Henshi in there, just taken over by the Milkanian atmosphere. Once out of there he will revert to his normal self.

I believe that stories should stand on their own. I hated it when they made a Superman movie that was supposed to be "relatable." Superman stopped being Superman and turned into flawed, stuble sporting, easily frustrated human thing. People can be vain, they have to see themselves in everything. Sometimes in order to really get into something a viewer has to not think about himself and just pay attention to the story.

On the elves - yes the elves have been nothing but sources of energy in Milkania and did not show any sort of character. But all that will be explained soon when I get around to building the Milkania side stories. in fact, it is not just Milkania but a lot has to be explained in the world of the PT Universe. And it takes a lot of time to do all that. And money, etc. I hope that someday I can make it all into 1 cohesive universe that everybody can enjoy. Hornbrook was easy because the way you described it was how it was supposed to be. Fucking whoever you want despite the various limitations imposed by a fake government in an entirely cartoon world. It is safe, yes, devoid of real sin but still plays on the darker fantasies of the viewers.

If you have enjoyed Hornbrook, I am pretty sure you will enjoy the upcoming instalment, SIMSEH 3: Vigorian Space. But a few games are standing between Milkania and that 1. We've just released Space Brothel if you want to check it out. If you want to support our cause please do, every dollar counts, tell your friends. The more we can achive stability the better we can concentrate our content and spend more time refining everything as opposed to trying to beat some insane timeline that sometimes sacrifices quality. I'm sure you will enjoy the other realms that we have. Especially, Areland, I am quite excited to release a game from this!

Since you seem to be a bit more active now, I would like to report a bug with this game. On the last map on the farthest right which is the building with the guy getting sucked off. Once you enter said buildings interior you're stuck inside of it. The only way out is to die or reboot the game.

This has been fixed before, check out the latest version in MSG, its the primary host for the game.