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Posted by d-z - March 22nd, 2018



Posted by d-z - January 22nd, 2018



Looking for other ways to raise money so PBU can have more development time and make it a real masterpiece, please share to your friends or other possible interested parties, thanks! :-)


The core game is actually complete, took a bit more than 4 months including January. I just know it has more possibilities! And with more work, it will be a great game! This game is very important because, my friends, this is our first ever cross-platform game. If it takes off, Hornblase takes off into newer and possibly grander Realms!

Posted by d-z - January 16th, 2018

Just made a facebook:


Let's be friends and giggles! :-) :-D :-3

Oh and I will also use it to post some social hentai or stuff.



Posted by d-z - February 20th, 2017

Just wanted to post it here for those who might be interested in supporting my upcoming PC/mobile game. Thanks for your time.


The Secret World of Magical Girls - An evil entity has returned to lay waste to the world! But it cannot make its move until it gets all the required signatures on the XXX Edict. The XXX Edict lists a multitude of magical girls scattered all over a secret world and you are a young man who was chosen to find all the names in the list before evil does. The Secret World of Magical Girls is an RPG/Character-collection-game for the PC and Android platforms.

If you want to support my work, looking forward to our stuff, want to see production images, character designs and other nice stuff, you can do so here. Or visit our website for all sorts of updates here.

Posted by d-z - January 29th, 2017


02-14-2007: Newgrounds release is online!


Initial Release is now available here!


Early access is available to Hornblase Supporters. Newgrounds release will be out in maybe a couple of weeks after bug testing and further reviews.

For other news:

Nearing completion of an end of the month hentai parody featuring  Precia Teller from the game Grand Kingdom. Time limit is December 31 and date of release should be within February. Attached below is the game's title banner from the official archives. The Hornblase seekers travel distant Universes to record sexy events in the lives of sexy characters.


Posted by d-z - November 20th, 2016

After another wave of misdeeds, the Mysterious Time Traveler was heading out of the Futurecity atmosphere when he was stopped by a couple of Vigorians who was answering the Cityhunters' distress signal. Or was it a booty call?



Support Hornblase


Posted by d-z - October 27th, 2016


Play the game!

Support/See Updates!

Check out the new Hornblase website!

*This version is buggy, your game progress/saves may be erased, screwed up or become unplayable. Please report any bugs that you can find, thanks.


1. Fixed the Jinessi conditions and buttons. (Heskey Bendtner)

2. When the day ends and the customers are engaged in any sort of activity, they no longer linger there. (Andreas Heglingegård)

3. All client stats max out at 6 points (sta 6k) as intended. You won't be able to see 1000 skill points in any client anymore.

4. Reduced whore stat level price to 600 instead of 1000 per unit of training.

5. Fixed the cash flow problems, the bonuses for both CHA and SKL are now noticeable.

6. The end day cash monitor is now displaying a more accurate amount of cash. (Pyre)

The link is the same. The version is indicated in the loading screen, please wait for it to be updated by the host. The new version should be 1e.

Posted by d-z - August 1st, 2016


I have been away working on this for quite some time, It's finally complete and it's due to come out anytime during August first week! Thanks to those who have bear with us and supported us all this time! -DZ

Get the game here!


Posted by d-z - June 28th, 2015


It's been 2 years, how are you guys? I had been making stuff here and there and have somewhat neglected my PT Universe work. Thankfully, a buddy and myself have stumbled into this wondrous system called Patreon. It's like an artist's dream, it allows users to recieve funds from those who love their stuff and if it's all good then it only means that we can go further with our ambitious plans. So without further ado you can check out what we are up to here:


Your support will mean a lot to us, much thanks!

Posted by d-z - May 25th, 2013

A cool bounty hunter. Clone of Jack Corvas the mysterious! Nobody knows his true intentions... Rumors say that he's after the bounty over the mysterious time traveller.

John Crovax