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Hornblase Patreon is out, Milkania resumes, Plus new GAMES!

Posted by d-z - June 28th, 2015


It's been 2 years, how are you guys? I had been making stuff here and there and have somewhat neglected my PT Universe work. Thankfully, a buddy and myself have stumbled into this wondrous system called Patreon. It's like an artist's dream, it allows users to recieve funds from those who love their stuff and if it's all good then it only means that we can go further with our ambitious plans. So without further ado you can check out what we are up to here:


Your support will mean a lot to us, much thanks!

Comments (10)

First, glad to know yo are back and good, specialy good. Second, definitly I´m going to support your work in patreon because you deserve it. :)
Is that a pic of the new game you are working on, it´s gonna be here in newgrounds?

Thanks and best wishes my friend!!

PD: sorry for my english, i speak spanish.

Hey, thanks! Yes that is a screenshot from Milkania. As you can see Henshi has undergone some sort of mutation. The game will be everywhere once it is complete including Newgrounds which were I started making the series btw.

hype for your new games :)

Any form of support is welcome, even these words of encouragement are much appreciated, thanks

Thought you might have died, welcome back :D

Thanks for being our first patron, I am very much alive and ready for new adventures, I hope you don't mind me using your music some more :-)

Mind? lol of course not. I have a mountain of unreleased work, so that would give me a great reason to finish more stuff.

Cool, I have always loved your work.

Really wish I could afford to support you but alas :/

But keep up the good work! I'm a huge fan of your content!

Will Milkania be free for everyone and can you release the approximate release date?

Glad to know you are back in the fray! Will be watching your space.

This is great news i loved the first one and i'm sure this one will be even better but do you know when you are gonna release the full game or just around what time. i'm dying to play it.

Any updates on the game?

Hello I do not know if you remember me as grim from way back in the day of the original pt stuff but ive been a long time fan. Any way keep up the good work and please keep us all updated on this one its gonna be awesome!

What's the name of the song onboard the ship?