John Crovax

2013-05-25 09:24:57 by d-z

A cool bounty hunter. Clone of Jack Corvas the mysterious! Nobody knows his true intentions... Rumors say that he's after the bounty over the mysterious time traveller.

John Crovax


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2013-05-25 11:09:14

Hi gota say this not bad art work of art d-z congrats to your design , I know this sounds kinda shallow of me but I think this art design was for me , but I understand if it wasn't for me or for your intention :-)

d-z responds:

Lol I'm confused^^ But it is fun developing John Crovax. If you remember the mysterious time traveler, he is what caused the whole interdimensional perverted tales universe fiasco. And since my hard drive crashed my ideas for Milkania are overshadowed by a new idea. The discarded perverted tales movie might be in the works again. Featuring the Gearhead plot. Henshi will still be one of the main characters. And the also the shota heroes that were once seen in the defeatist reel. And of course, John Crovax. Clone of Jack Corvas!


2013-05-26 10:14:55

Also if you remember the girls from the antfarm... I am thinking of using them again, to meet the demon warrior who has now matured to a more bad-ass character.


2013-05-26 22:20:58

It is not a problem at all and I don't think you are spamming, I just think it is a cool idea to have a clone character, thanks for sparking that, also John Crovax is a pretty cool name just as Jack Corvas is...


2013-05-27 00:31:21

Well thanks bud for helping me with that , but there another question I have to ask ,did you approve some of my request from my donation and about the female lion too, because I don't know if was to much or from just the price for the request ,but I'm pretty sure you understand how this goes even for the new hentai game of yours staring the shota kid him self henshi

(Updated ) d-z responds:

Yeah sure it's a cool addition, the cyber robot woman to add, pretty cool actually, although I doubt i will be able to continue the game soon, as I have lots of stuff to fix and lots of stuff to work on as school season is near and i have to come up with some money for kid's tuition. Too much real life stuff there, now back to surreality, yeah I really want to make a movie, I am just waiting for someone to give me the go signal. If you want to take part in it you are welcome, we need people to pay voice actors and so on...

also add John Corvax in skype, he's from papua new guniea


2013-05-27 07:45:16

No not corvax, John Crovax, add John Crovax in skype for easy communication.


2013-07-26 09:17:18

Hi, Jack Corvas! Sorry I get breaks very rarely, I'm ok still doing the grind, I left you the a message in Skype about a new anime I've seen, Detroit Metal City, so awesome!


2013-07-28 12:57:56

Thanks and I saw that anime and its intense and some how funny at the same time .


2013-07-28 13:36:00

btw is there away to post a pic about the henshi that is coming soon or later , let the fans or people know how far you made and then .


2013-10-21 13:32:30

Nice. Kind of looks like Mizuno Kanta, right?


2015-02-01 01:41:33

any thig new comeing