Project Genesis

2013-04-05 06:01:39 by d-z

5/1/13 - Meh, I'm back to my feet, please ignore this project, I will still complete these requests but don't send me anymore donations mwahahahah!

I am accepting commissions! I will draw any character that you want in any position (adult-oriented or otherwise) for only $10. I am aiming to complete 100 quality illustrations(will be submitted to you in a4 print size and will be numbered and arranged in a forum thread which I will make as soon as this thing is jump-started and will also compile into a great flash file for all to see). Help me rebuild my projects...

Just a few days ago my hard drive has crashed. I was confident... and very stupid. I didn't back-up any of my files. I have lost several months of hard work. Not just that but also animation projects that I had been working on for years. I have lost professional work files as well as personal interest work files. And a bunch of other weird stuff that are important to me. I was depressed for a few days. But that will not bring me back to my feet. That will not settle whatever unfinished business I have with my clients. That won't finish the project sequel of my new game that friends from the internet are looking forward to. That will only make it worse for me whenever I realize all the personal battles that I went through just to get into an inspired mood and the fruit of those battles are gone before they were even completed. What I should do is move on, start new and fix everything, try to make everything fall into better ground.

This is project Genesis. Dedicated to recreating my perverted world into a much beautiful, much versatile, much wondrous and much more colorful place. The gateway to betterness...

And Genesis is a fitting word, a friend who has always given me supported me has brought up this word when I told him about my problem. Also, I do not consider myself a great illustrator but thanks to a fellow artist, I have gained a much clearer understanding of the errors in my designs. And how can I forget this master programmer whom I've always asked for help whenever my engines come to a deadend. These people have always been good friends to me. These people and a lot of other friends and family both in the internet and in real life. And when you know you have good people supporting you, you just can't fail.

Current plans:
- The Milkania engine is new and it's different from SIMSEH 1, problem is I lost my engine in the crash. I will try to remake that engine and finish the sequel with better graphics too.
- Recreate projects for non-hentai clients from scratch (/cries-then-flexes-muscles-and-makes-a-light-si de-sneer)
- Concentrate on my 100 commissions target (Project Genesis) and try to get my hard drive fixed by a professional company and also turn into a great illustrator during this process.
- Stop drinking and being fucked up and be a better man in real life and in my imaginary life.

If you like to place order number one, feel free to do so. Send a donation to my paypal and describe what you want me to illustrate for you...


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2013-04-05 15:26:23

You've got some good allies and a good plan, I wish you the best of success!

d-z responds:

Thanks for the concern :-)


2013-04-05 17:05:45

How do we pay you?

d-z responds:

Thanks for the interest I have posted a link to a funds acquisition page...


2013-04-10 19:11:21

Played your game finalizer and i would like to see your works continued sadly what can a broke student offer.

d-z responds:

Money is not the only valuable support I could use, to know that people like you are waiting boosts my drive and thanks for that >:-)


2013-04-12 22:29:27

Played SimSeh : Hornbrook and am also waiting (like a LOT more people) for the sequel. There isn't much money I can offer. However I am studying computer science, so if you think my help might be of any use, please say so. :)

d-z responds:

Thanks for your offers, I will keep that in mind :-)


2013-04-26 06:25:39

i just thought of a crazy but some how good idea like how about when henshi found a special female android when he have sex with a new scientist to do so but it has to so a (C) type girl because of that idea oh and then how about henshi also have sex with a female android when he takes her to his place to recharge because for some reason she's charge by having sex with a dude and can change into different forms by how he lvl up each time oh, and then in a form of ways of his sex ways he found to have sex with a female dog, yes i said female do in so, I know it some what of a lot but i thought it would help because i will male a donation but in secret OK . but some of the thing i have in mind I have in mind are in this post to future events after the donation OK bud :-)


2013-07-20 22:46:45

Im just going to throw an idea out there. How about in SIMSEH:Milkania, you make the player's character evolve. Say you start out as a boy child. you have sex with 10 girls, then you become a teen, have sex with 20 girls, then you become an adult.


2013-08-06 18:03:23

But henshi has always been a kid .and.this will make an appeal approach on some people like me or others who already been drawn into the game , and btw he is an alien in the form of a shotacon boy body after all so age doesn't matter as.long as he can have sex with all of them , and seed them with unis semen , it all goo , but as a.person who love this game please let it stay the way it is , to the new one as well because I always , wanted to see this event and I will .


2014-12-05 11:18:15

Hey, I had an idea that may help you with funding and also a suggestion for Milkania. Join Patreon. People sign up for a monthly subscription to you (minimum a dollar). The more they donate, the more 'premium' content they get. You do a general conent release, everybody gets their stuff and you recieve recurring funding. You could even run updates of simseh.
Now for milkania. It said elves in the last game, I'm guessing this will be fantasy-ish. Type D females-barbarians and gladiators, similar body to hornbrook C's. Type C- Sorceresses, priestesses, high elves. Type B- Dark Elves, anthropomorphic, elementals Type A- Angels, Demons, your offspring. Yes, your seedlings will be birthed and grow extremely quickly. Because of your viridean genetic randomizer, no worries about inbreeding. A map would be nice. Most subtypes of females (barbarian, sorceress, etc.) Have a special sex move specific to them. Once you use that move on them, you get certain bonuses.


2015-01-05 14:36:57

Hey man,
'just wanted to say Good Luck cause its nearly 2 years I discovered your little game in HornBrook and I'm still pleased to go on it from time to time. To give you the idea, it was the first game they offered to play when I landed on MyXXXGames, searching for something "new"... Well, I went looking somewherre else after that, but your game did a strong thing on me... well... me or my ****. But still, I owe you one. Thanks for everything, man! Wish you the best! Bon courage! :)
P.S.: Too bad for your lost hard work. But I still hope to see the return of the little green haired man!