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Hentai RPG - SWOMG Public Demo is out now!

Posted by d-z - November 10th, 2018


Grab it here!





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Did someone say hentai?!

oh hell yeah

Oh right so it was a post. I'm still gonna review for the sake of just putting it out there.

So we got Thanos, Final Fantasy's Gilgamesh (with boobs), Dio crossed with G.I. Joes main antagonist, Raven's Father crossed with a Crusader, Nat Man(!!!), and What The Pillar Men wish they looked like vs. Beerus' Cousin's Keeper, Halo With Horns(?)(Good Idea), and LAMP . . . . . . . . . . 30 MILLION years? . . . that's what you're tellin' me? We had to depend on the god of Lust to save our ass? And it WORKED? (The extra dialogue by continuing the scenes is amazing by the by. Very rewarding.)

My first death was to some random ass ambush that caught me so god damn off guard. Nice work, that is hard to do. *Plays a little longer* THEIR LIKE A JUMP SCARE, WHAT THE FUCK?!!! I almost "died" again. *Plays* JESUS!! Just give 'em the aim of a storm trooper. I'm gonna need notepad for this game, huh? I am bad with remembering things. *Plays some more* AAAAAHHHHH . . . . . . . . . . . WHERE'S THE RECONSTRUCTION BEAM, HUH!?!?!?!? *Cast when I spawn* . . . . . . . . . . . This game is gonna be a good time. *Actual Dialogue from me talking to myself* "This map tho. Sometimes you can't tell the difference between what's a background and what's a foreground- AND WHAT'S AN AMBUSH, WHAT THE HECK MAN . . . . ." *Walking around the forest when a mass ambush pops out* 'quick gasp' Grr . . . . . *goes back to forest when it looks like the coast is mostly clear when another ambush pops out of nowhere* 'GASP' . . . . . . . . . . . Morgana is a pretty good shield.

Well, I guess I call my review there since I'm blanking on where to find this raider boss or if I'm doing something wrong . . . or what to do next at all. So that leaves me with wondering what is the full control scheme of this game because I need to make sure I didn't miss something. The Menu's controls leave much to be desired (again, I feel like I'm missing something on the controls.) and for a game of this size I'd highly recommend save slots. The shots don't shoot exactly where you're pointing either (I'm guessing that's a shot accuracy stat right now though.) I also figure if I go through more of the game it'll tell me about more controls but I was thrown off by how to equip Morgana and Xz until I balled up and experimented. (Glad I did. Morgana is very necessary.) I'm really just unsure of how well this menu works, is all. (did download this by the way.) It just leaves me flustered with all the buttons that don't work.

Art is amazing. Stupefying in fact. Story line is alright from what I've seen. Can't wait to get back to it and wonder what's coming up next. But yeah. There's nothing to blaring that makes me need to comment on fixing or adding right now so . . . Good luck. And have an Awesome Day.