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Comments (25)

I don't understand the question!

I question those who don't understand.


fuck me senseless

electronic les pussy licker?

I get some kinds of job 'aight.
Some with payouts, and some with payout over time.

I understand those who question.

her boobs are far enough apart for a third boob right in the middle

just sayin

Actually both, the way to do these things the right way.
Get the work done, and then try to get a BJ. The space between her melons wont even fit my thing. :o

and thats a good thing. LOL.

I'd Love a Dayjob, But wouldn't an electronic blowjob Be Kinda... Dangerous?

I'd rather get blow-jobs for my day job. If not, well, customers can still leave me a tip in that way.

it seemed like a good idea but now it doesn't. i think im better off getting a dayjob than making a hentai short about getting one. why is focus a hard value to achieve?

If only you could get paid to do nothing but eat, sleep, and have sex all day.

Imagine that being a flash game.

Getting paid on who well rested, fed, and satisfied your day was.

Then earn upgrades for things like drinks, energy bars, and scented candles.

Just a thought.

Great idea... Hmmmm...

when is it coming out

Soon just battling procrastination

I'm tired of making hentai, i just feel like i need to.

I'm sorry to hear that you're bored with hentai mate. You do have a particular knack for hentai, but if you're bored with it, I can't fault you.

Do whatever you think is best, plus your hentai will suck if you are just making it because you feel an obligation.

I'm down to the cumshots, i'm dragging this like an oversized stegosaurus tail, really almost done.

I never tire of making hentai. Although, some times I do find my self unmotivated to put a pen in my and let lose my creativity.

I will comment on your pic you have shown. I like it alot. The hair looks good. I like the detail of the bangs and also, the reflection from her hair looks good. I will try to duplicate it on some of my own stuff. The colors and the shadows are great, even the background looks fantastic. Some times its hard for me to make a good looking background after I tried to do my best job on the character in the foreground I get lazy and half ass it. You did a outstanding job on this pic. If the rest of the flash looks this good I will be very impressed!

Thanks mister P and good luck with your current projects...

Wow this is really detailed and nice. Its a shame that you dont get as much recognition for your work as you should.

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