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Comments (8)

wow that is one long speech about a movie

will someone please watch the movie and tell me im just being stupid and it was just a silly movie who got someone in the wrong mood, wrong state of mind, wrong chemicals and shit. i'm not on drugs, i'm just fucking losing myself because the movie is repeatedly showing scenes in my head. i was hoping posting in NG could counter the feeling because the site is usually filled with anxiety inducing content.


i tried to kill the effect by watching other movies. some feel good movies, some comedy, some serious ones which might outserious this. nothing works. what is it with rape that makes it so terrible? murder ends all options, theft is almost the same only materials are stolen, in epic movies a bunch of women are raped, what's the difference?

i mean, try looking at bdsm sex and gore movies they are supposed to be horrifying and this movie is supposed to be political why is it so disturbing? fuck!

i had a dream once about floating on top of the earth which was covered in water. there was whirlwinds and thunder on the surface, tidal waves and no sign of life. all traces of civilization was underwater and i was alive and hovering over the water. but the sun was shining like it was a beautiful afternoon amid all the chaos below. i was screaming until someone woke me up. it's one of the worst dreams i've had. it felt so hopeless because the sun was beautiful and the world has drowned under it. this movie felt like that dream. that nightmare. what's wrong? i know this is not the place to tackle this but i don't even know why i'm saying these things. everything by everyone i suppose.

Call me crazy, but I read all of which you've written and I really want to see that movie. Perhaps when I do, we can chat about our views and opinions regarding it.

Take care.

Great I'm looking forward to that even though I've come to accept the ending now. Thanks for reading and take care as well.

edit: i see it in the eyes of reason, but the way the scenes were played out is just so gruesome. i can't help myself from thinking about this shit all the time. when you see that scene in the rape part when the defilers close the door it's just horrible. it somewhat relieves me when i look at it as some sort of racial thing. but when i imagine how the scene looked like it's just sickening.

Oooh! I'll respectfully skip over your summary then, but I've never heard of this movie and now I want to see.
John Malkovich &lt;3

That isn't just a summary, it's basically my initial reaction to it. In the morning i don't feel so bad at all.

I heard a story about it on NPR. I will watch it tonight and we can talk about it on Skype. It does contain cocks right? Cause if it doesnt have cocks im not watching it.

In the meantime, YOU need to go watch the movie I showed you. Its just incredible.

No cocks, yeah i'll check that out.

BTW I fucking love your long responses to one word comments. Thats hilarious.

I've read what you think of the movie but I'm still not positive over what exacly vexes you over it? The movie is very dark but I'm not quite making the personal connection that you are, perhaps if you could further my understanding of the movie I would see it.
Very interesting review of it though.

On another brief note, how is the next PT coming along? Are you working on it or are you taking a break from animations?

Good day.

I met up with my college friends lat night and had a drink at some bar. I haven't seen them in like seven years and we had a fun time. I haven't gone out of the house for more than two years so being in a bar caused me a lot of anxiety. When i got home, it felt really good. Like i was in a haven again. The only way to feel the haven-ness of a haven is to come to chaos(in any form as long as it affects you enough) and return to hide in it. I was relieved of the effects of this movie which i hope would last.

I think the movie overall has got me vexed. The music, the arrangement, the cast, the scenery, the story. They had a good way of twisting how you feel, giving you a hint of violence but pulling it back, stating limitations. Showing little details that mean a lot. Not having a formula to weird you out. And while you are weirded out they do that slomo thing to further the acid secretion in your stomach. Playing with your mind, they do not always show you what happens they make you imagine the violence. Like it forces you to imagine the scenes yourself and your imagination is bits of what you have encountered but was filtered by your mind to fit yor mindset, while the movie on the other hand is made by someone else and you do not have the exact mode of thinking as its creator. So it gets you wondering because what you think can is one thing and what he intended for that scene is different. So no matter how hard you imagine that it should be like this, you cannot help the fact that it was already that. If you can contact the creator and work on it with him, and you can have your thoughts meet his and agree to change some scenes and make a new movie to justify it then that could really bring peace. But that wouldn't happen. So, i guess i will have to look at it as "islands" and my advice to self would be to keep off his island.

I have a PT but it 's somewhat different, experimental, i'm having second thoughts in finishing it.

Good day to you too.

I agree with what you're saying, i particularly like the scene where they sit in the car and the daughter discusses with him if forced sex is something men like.
I can really relate to that, even though it sounds horrible I couldn't help but feel a bit eroused when she opened the door after she had been raped.. perhaps this is a feeling all men think about, just look at the make-up sex, the angry nature of it is something we admire.

I also felt a bit infuriated by the lack of action taking by Mr. Lurie and the lack of will for any action from his daughter, but then again perhaps that's what the movie is about, for Mr. Lurie to experience the damage he's caused at first hand.. like he's been cast into hell.. unable to escape the dreaded nightmare.

I'm not sure this movie will the same impact on me as it had on you, but still I thank you for a very interesting and unique movie.

Just my two cents.

Thank god this has resolved. And thank you too :-)