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Posted by d-z - June 13th, 2011

In an unknown world, an arbiter of destinies must reunite a deity whose body parts has ran away.

Warning (Adult Content)

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Posted by d-z - May 29th, 2011

Remember this guy? I wonder why they don't include him in any of the X versus Capcom games.

Coolest Mask

Posted by d-z - May 20th, 2011

What are XML flash templates?

1. What are they for?
2. How do you make them?
3. What are they exactly?


Posted by d-z - March 5th, 2011

Think of something


Posted by d-z - December 24th, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

Posted by d-z - December 7th, 2010

My friend's cat in a cat home.

Peggle in prison

Posted by d-z - December 6th, 2010

- Hmmm, so a lot of your books are by irvine welsh?
- Neat huh?
- I don't like him but i like to be on top for a change.
- Sure thing.

Irvine Welsh

Posted by d-z - July 9th, 2010

Or an electronic blowjob...

Your call.

Are you getting a dayjob?

Posted by d-z - June 23rd, 2010

The Post: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 76442

Powerman Spaceguy! The next generation cyborg/wrestler, is out to kick alien butt and restore peace to the milky way!

Tried and failed, looking for a coder's assistance...

control sample
boss 1 movement test

wasd - movement
u - 3 hit combo
i = grab
(while grabbing and facing right)
w = lifting toss
a = suplex
d = ddt
s = powerbomb

*If you get stuck while performing a move you can right click and choose forward then right click and choose rewind

- sometimes the combos get stuck (even w or s movements get stuck at times)
- the grab moves can be done even if the oponent isnt grabbed
- i can't spawn enemies so i put symbols on the whole map which causes lag
- map advancing is difficult

features in mind:
- throws can be unlocked
- moves can be unlocked
- cool maps with different bosses
- grab intensity differs on several opponent types
- awesome coding

interested? LETS DO IT!!!

Need Codemen

Posted by d-z - June 23rd, 2010

Hmmm. Ok. So yeah. What do talkshow hosts talk about? I remember watching some conan

o brien. David letterman. But couldn't remember what they talked about. Yeah ok i can

google it. So now that's out of the way. What's up? How are you? I thought that

approach could work. Asking empty questions that might lead to something. I'm not

really wanting to talk. I just thought i'd test if im inspired already. No.

Jim couldn't stomach the fact that he's suffering from writer's block so he walked

around the park carrying a briefcase. "Look at me motherfuckers! I'm carrying a

briefcase, you can suck on that asshole, me and my BC, yeah!" It was a stupid move.

It became obvious to Jim that he was totally making an ass of himself. So he threw

the briefcase away on he ground. He would stomp on it but he was too tired of being

crazy. Or too tired of trying to be crazy enough to pass up as an adorable little

fuck-up to his imaginary standards.

To Julia, Jim was crazy enough. Crazy enough to deserve a dick suck. Julia has this

habit of filtering her thoughts. She has this triangular hat which she calls the

profanity filter. She found it in some guy's kitchen on a basket of fruits. It was

supposed to rid the fruits of evil. The guy joked she was fruity. So Julia rid

herself of owing the guy a blowjob as a compulsion and decided to simply take the hat

and make that the sucker moment. It was lame but it had to be done. And she thought

she was doing herself a favor. The guy didn't look like the type to take regular

baths. So back to now. It's not like a date or anything. Just two people of the same

age range and matching sexual preference, hanging around in the same room, trying to

make a conversation. Trying to make something out of nothing.

Jim regrets having told Julia about the park. It made him look like a pretentious

asshole. He wasn't pretending to be anything. He was just like that. Trying to do

something he doesn't normally do so he could write about something. But what sort of

story could he write by doing that? There is so much to say about the relativity of

things. And Jim always gambled on that notion. He thought by doing unrelated things

he might chance upon unlocking something important in his mind. And Julia thought

this was fierce. She wanted to suck that fucking cock, not out of compulsion, but

this time she just wanted it so bad that he wished she wasn't imaginary. She was real

of course, but she couldn't do anything unless Jim thinks about it. So yeah, Julia

isn't physically in the room. It's the same thing. With real Julias or not, Jim is a

slave of his own mind. And he could never do anything, unless he can imagine himself

doing it. Maybe Jim himself has become a character in his growing pile of unfinished

stories. Jim isn't a great writer either. So maybe that's why his life is so boring

and filled with crap. His other foot is stuck in shit that he perpetually craps.

Hmmm. Ok. So yeah. Fuck.

Sheila wanted to watch some baseball but Bruel has already put on porn. Fuck.

Another good writer that I can suggest is June De Sosa. He grew up in a farm in

Stongawa, Cheese province and in his youth he wrote numerous manuals about building

farm stuff. What's interesting is the way he wrote his guides. It was like the kama

sutra of construction. It was devoid of the essence of building. It would appear like

he didn't build a shed to house his cows but he did it because he enjoyed it. He even

"insulated" his tools by replacing the head of his hammer with rubber. He did that so

it wouldn't be finished too quickly.

Julia's advances doesn't seem to work on Jim. Jim was too preoccupied with something

that Julia's hands on his cock, a move too bold on her part, didn't even seem to make

Jim look down and get excited. Jim was rockhard but he seemed detached. So Julia just

sucked the crap out of Jim's cock and drank all the cum. And Jim remained detached.

And poof she went. Like the imaginary cocksucker that she was. Jim was left alone

with his blank mind. Imaginary moss started growing on his head.

Also another good writer is Pensylvania Dawg Nine. He's wrote numerous poems about

mispelled state names. A lot of people considered him a hack but 100 years after his

death some guy made a movie about him and everybody knew what he was about when he

still wrote stuff. And he didn't become more popular nor did he change any lives.

Just a few more people knew him and talked about him for about ten minutes after

watching the movie. He did almost change someone's life. The man who've made the

movie killed himself for making something he thought was pointless at the moment. And

had he survived he would have discovered that it wasn't pointless at all. Too bad

some people miss a lot of things for stupid moody decisions like suicide.

One of Jim's greater strengths is his apathy. Most people would consider this

undesireable but jim doesn't give a shit. It has saved him from a lot of danger. If

he gave a shit about anything he would crumble down from a stone giant into a fleshy

human. And in his line of work he can never be emotional. He's a professional

hipster. Like most hipsters he's ignorant. But he gets paid for his good looks. How

does he make money out of it? Shy writers hire him to post his picture in the author

page. But that's just a sideline. His job is to be an ignorant hipster who doesn't

give a shit and just like a superhero he's extraordinarily good at it but doesn't

really earn any money.

The best writer of all is Morley Carucco. Nobody knows where he is or what he does.

Or if he's really a he. He's a mystery man writing guy. And nobody knows why he's so

great. He's like a golden bat in the shroud of utter darkness. You can't see him and

he can't see you either but he has echolocation and he's golden. And his stuff is so

dark and nothing you've seen before and you'll never see it. And he has perfectly

hidden it under the principle that if it's not published then there's a big chance

that it's poorly written or it sucks. Of course it doesn't suck. I tell you, Julia,

it's the best thing you'll ever read if you can find a way to read it.

Julia tried hard to find the lost writings of the legendary Morley Carucco but all

she could find was Jim's hard cock. So she sucked and she fucked and blew Jim's mind

like some fucking straw house from an old fairy tale.

Come and smoke through>>>