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Released a new game!

2/3/13 by d-z

Play, judge, smile, enjoy!

Released a new game!


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Where you thinking of continuing the series? A "superintergalacticmilfseedingexperthensi...2?
" Or maybe a Addon? It really has giantic potential,played it through pretty quick, the variation of different poses and the different types of characters are just perfect. (the positioning for different poses is still a little strange,but thats just a sidenote)

Do you know what i liked the most? Despite of all the great features, i felt challenged when fighting the policeofficers or other security-staff.A great idea that spices up the game...not only walking,solving clues,but fighting too.

Would like to hear of your thoughts for the future.

Keep up your great work!



any idea as to when you'll bring out the next part of the game as i found it fun and hot



The game is nice but I cannot fuck Dr. Hamilton. Also, there should be 36 females(including Dr. Hamilton and other police officers whose appear by phone calls) to be fucked by Henshi, not 20. It seems the game should be upgraded to new version.



Um, how do you unlock the locked door in the branch house?



Um, how do you unlock the locked door in the branch house?

This game is pretty much a perfect sex game. It's got a lot of good content with just enough game to make you feel rewarded, but not too much that it feels tedious or annoying. The only thing that was kind of meh was that the game didn't tell you that you could get into different positions depending on where you grab a woman, and since part of the game requires you to do one of those alternate positions, it blocked me for a bit and I had to read comments to figure it out.

Other than that little semi-insignificant thing, it's awesome. Can't wait for the next one. Keep it up!

Also, @LittleWashu To get into the house with the guard in front of it, you have to fuck her so she leaves. You must have the ability to fuck any female via the nymph fluid to do this. There's another area that you can only get into by doing this as well. Have fun ;)

Definitely looking forward to the second part and I found some additional animators if you're interested:

played it finished it loved it
the game was amazing i would say that it will be on the first page of best adult games this year
looking forward to more stuff from you

2/4/13 d-z responds:

Glad to please you, the next mission is being worked on, stay tuned :-D

Not sure if this is a bug as well, there was one place where there was a mailbox but you couldn't go through it. There was no locked door or anything you just couldn't access it. As for where it was it was right where the second lady with the club is when you step out in the street.

2/4/13 (Updated 2/4/13) d-z responds:

not a bug, there's a way in :-)

Cool game but I am not sure if these are bugs or not, but in some places such as the back yard left of the room where the teens are having an orgy if you walk in a certain spot you end up in the lab. There is another one as well like this.

2/4/13 d-z responds:

It's a glitch yes thanks for pointing that out.



How do you get the quart of fluid?

2/4/13 d-z responds:

more hints behind the locked door in the branch house

i got it, thx. by the way, a very nice game, good work

i got it, thx. by the way, a very nice game, good work

i got it, thx. by the way, a very nice game, good work

anyone help me... i don't know how to get the key to the lab

2/3/13 d-z responds:

Hint: Take a walk in the park :-)

Ouch, I feel bad for you for getting all this unneeded spam.

2/3/13 (Updated 2/3/13) d-z responds:

Lol wtf this is pretty cool
edit: the 'delete all feature' I mean, thanks NG